12 Jan
Some photos and statistics


11 May
Filling a void
17 Feb
The time it takes to change the time
26 Jan
A new year


17 Oct
Le parole che caratterizzano un’epoca
25 Aug
If it looks like a word, it is a word one third of the time
07 Jul
If it looks like a words, then it is a word (?)
02 Jun
Global time, emotional time, and the annoyance of DST
25 May
Suboptimal LaTeX #5: miscellanea
10 Mar
Suboptimal LaTeX #4: mathematics
03 Mar
Suboptimal LaTeX #3: mathematical environments
24 Feb
Suboptimal LaTeX #2: spacing
17 Feb
Suboptimal LaTeX #1: intro
06 Jan
How much is time wrong around the world?


05 Dec
Cycling in the rain
08 Nov
Facebook, Gramellini predice quando morirai
25 Oct
Give Python a bit of type safety with Pydoc Checker
24 Apr
Cosa vuol dire “rappresentativo”?
28 Feb
Quanti sono i laureati, tra eletti ed elettori
24 Feb
Is it worth to try to change a bad habit?


24 Oct
IOI translation systems: an actual solution
15 Oct
IOI translation systems: an ideal workflow
09 Oct
IOI translation systems: a survey of possible approaches
01 Oct
IOI 2012 — my experience
24 May
All possible actions of a cyclic group on an algebraic curve
14 May
On the distribution of Italian towns by their endings
29 Mar
Why a mathematician can be an excellent software engineer
29 Feb
pydepgraph – A dependencies analyzer for Python


28 Nov
La solidarietà cristiana in politica
17 Nov
Gödel, Escher, Bach: an Eternal Golden Braid
24 Jul
On structured theorems
12 Apr
Social networks local visualization
13 Jan
WordPress upgrade


29 Dec
Wikipedia people per born year with occupation
05 Dec
Using eso-pic to draw SISSA's letterhead
24 Nov
Threefolds and deformations of surface singularities
30 Sep
18 Aug
Today's top five #1
17 Aug
New tim.it captchas...
10 Jul
Commu 2009.07.10
02 Jul
Suggestion: Inside the living body
11 Apr
Easily recover your trigonometric identities
08 Apr
Time travel's technologies.
05 Apr
The will to leave
22 Mar
My two cents on the daylight saving time
21 Mar
How to import your mail to GMail
21 Feb
To you, my reader…
20 Feb
30 Jan
Pets tortured on the web for fun, again.
25 Jan
Two more attempts
07 Jan
Typography holidays


29 Dec
LaTeX class for lecture notes
27 Dec
How to take lecture notes with LaTeX
20 Dec
Commu's new release
19 Dec
Wet folding, first attempt
17 Dec
Le pene degli Abruzzi
16 Dec
Why I joined Facebook?
15 Dec
14 Dec
13 Dec
Gameknot applet
12 Dec