Wet folding, first attempt

Written on December 19, 2008

In my work, when I realize that I will never understand some mathematical concept, usually the reaction is to switch to a more complex concept. In this way I have an excuse not to understand things, and less people will know that I’m hopelessly dumb. In other words, before understanding basic algebraic geometry I switched to learning schemes, that I understood even less; but fortunately there are stacks, hoping that someone will construct something more complex to switch to, before I’ll realize again the same idea. Actually, it seems that working with the more complex object helps a bit understanding the simpler. Maybe there is some hope.

Walrus origami, design by John Montroll

But this post is about origami, not math. I was looking for a simple enough origami to begin my wet-folding career (I’m not very good at dry-folding, and this explains the introduction). After some searching — and some attempts badly ended — I found this walrus by John Montroll. Simple but cute and with some “tuck-inside-ness” I like very much. So here’s the photo.

The wet-folding wasn’t so wet, since at the moment I own only a sponge and not a spray bottle and probably I dampened less than I should. Nevertheless, even with so little water, in the back of the walrus the paper tear apart. Probably not very good paper — and not very good folder.

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