Written on December 12, 2008

Finally I’ve taken the time to update my old — it’s been more or less two years — website.

I was very happy at the time to practice with some HTML and CSS, technologies I love; also I liked the design popped out from my brain. But it was clear that I’m all but a designer—more from the color scheme than from the layout. Moreover time have proved that willingness can’t stand to the constant lack of time itself. So here I am, trying this WordPress all are talking about. Or they were talking about it two years ago? I can’t remember.

Speaking about me, I have disattended too many front pages and first posts to be honest in my proposals here. What I can say is that in the next days I will complete to port all pages to the new platform. In the following days, probably I won’t write any posts, but in the remote possibility I do, they will be about (not so) personal aspects of my life, my work (math and programming) and my hobbies (programming and math). And anything will pop up in my mind—also Italian politics (which will be the only topic written in good Italian instead of bad English).

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